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COP26: Glasgow in the eye of the climate storm

As the eyes of the world fall on Glasgow for the COP26 summit, its significance cannot be overstated. COP26 has been billed as the last chance saloon for us to save the planet by delivering on the promises adopted in the 2016 Paris Agreement which present a tangible route for each country to meet their…

Covid laid bare the weakness of a partially privatised NHS

When Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party lost the 2019 UK general election to the Conservatives, his attempt to place the future of the National Health Service at the heart of the election was foiled by Boris Johnson’s simple narrative around Brexit. But neither man could have imagined that merely months later, ‘protect the NHS’ would have…

The UK must take a leaf out of Berlin’s book to end our housing crisis

It is testament to the UK’s dysfunctional housing market that over the course of coronavirus-dominated 2020, rent for private tenants actually increased by 1.3%. This news is of course nothing new; the trend over the past six years shows a rent increase of 10%, but what the latest rise demonstrates is that a bleak economic…